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Simple Origami Decorating Ideas

When you think of origami, you probably think of simple paper designs like airplanes and simple toys for children. Actually, you can make origami designs out of cloth too as well as tin foil, wrapping paper, magazines and other materials. Using decorative paper or cloth allows you to make some unique and festive designs. If you are wondering what you could make besides cranes and boxes and what you would do with them after they are made, then read on for the answer.


Origami Plate Decorations

Make any meal fun with a creative origami plate decoration. You could make a bird, boat, flower or any other small design from festive paper that you have handy. You could also fold cloth napkins into various designs such as making a bread basket for keeping your rolls warm. Try making cute shirt and tie decorations from napkins or paper towels, if you have print designed material available you could even make mini kimonos. Other ideas include paper dragons, rabbits, or tigers used as knife rests or place card holders.

Origami Picnic Decorations

A great picnic idea is to fold a table cloth into a picnic basket for carrying your supplies and then use it as a blanket when you set up your picnic. Fashion a wastebasket from newspaper for collecting your trash that way you can be crafty and recycle too.

Origami Party Decorations

You can use colorful paper and tin foils to make bowls, party coasters, food trays, candy dishes and plates. Make tiny candy dishes and party favor wraps from paper lace doilies. These types of decorations are a hit with kids and make clean up time a breeze since everything can be thrown away.

Origami Table Decorations

Give your table a festive look by folding parasols from paper or cloth doilies and make coaster from brightly colored floral paper. These airy and light touches will give your table a unique look and turn it into a conversation piece.

Origami Decorations for Gifts

You could make colorful paper frames, fold bandanas into flowers or birds, fold envelopes from lace, make delicate lace birds to adorn a valentine, fold a garland of cranes, or make book covers and book marks from pretty paper.

You can use recycled newspaper to make all kinds of containers to store small items, you could also make a vase or dust pan. Use heavier paper to make boxes for storing or gift giving.

You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to origami projects. If you run out of ideas you can look in origami books or on the internet for fresh ideas. By using your origami designs as decorations around your home, it breathes new life into your hobby and sparks you onto greater creativity.



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